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Size does matter. Good thing you can count on Xtra Size.

Start a new sex life with XtraSize

Your new sex life is just a few clicks away. Take this step. Fill out the below form and order XtraSize.

Is it the first time you've ordered our product? Opt for the two-month treatment Start. Check this. It's only 0,98 eur a day - enough to get an additional 3 cm and gain more intense sexual pleasure!

1.Choose a package for yourself

  • Start Package - €59

    Pick this package if it's the first time you've ordered our product and check the effects you will achieve. Two months is enough to enhance your erectile function and add 3cm to your penis.

    • Packs: 1
    • Time: 2 months
    • Effect: + 3cm
  • Economic Package - €112

    The package guarantees optimum results. Having finished the course of treatment, you will have your penis noticeably thicker and longer by 5cm.

    • Packs: 2
    • Time: 4 months
    • Effect: + 5cm
  • Recommended package - €152

    If you really want to get the most of XtraSize, opt for this package. Then, your penis will be maximally thick. What's more, it's length will be increased by 7.5cm.

    • Packs: 3
    • Time: 6 months
    • Effect: + 7,5cm

You may also pick other products

  • additional pack of Vigrax for - €29

    With a purchase of Xtrasize, now you may add Vigrax to your order. Vigrax is a groundbreaking product that will help you to achieve strong and long erection – without any side effects. The standard price of Vigrax not covered by this special offer is

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  • Cash on delivery - 12 €

    Ordered goods will be sent to you immediately after placing the order. You will pay to the delivery man when receiving the shipment. Order processing time is up to 2 working days.

  • Payment in advance - 12 €

    After making the order, you will be redirected to the system, where you will be able to pay by PayPal. Ordered goods will be sent to you immediately after the money shows up on our account. Order processing time is up to 2 working days.

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